I build Web apps and Websites using modern frameworks

I think the basics are important (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and I often code in "vanilla" mode, because I enjoy the challenge of figuring out solutions from scratch. It helps me better understand what librairies do, and I depend less on them. That being said, at work, we use ReactJS a lot for effeciency and also VueJS. This Website was made using Gatsby, because I was curious to experiment with it. Otherwise, I developed a good expertise in automated testing and how to put a good CI/CD flow into place.

The Way of the Fullstack

I know it's a long and constantly evolving road, but becoming a fullstack developer is a personal goal of mine. This is why whenever I get the chance at work, I try to get assigned to tasks that are more in the back-end realm, since I'm getting more and more comfortable on the front-end side of things. I was involved on a few serverless solutions setup (MongoDB Stitch endpoints and serverless functions). I configured and deployed a few of our app via the AWS Amplify service, including the continuous deployment pipeline (with Cypress automated tests). I worked with Google Firebase to set up databases and authentication. Finally, I also occasionally use NodeJS.