The front

As frameworks/libraries go, I currently mostly work with React and occasionally with VueJS. Recently, I started using Svelte and I think it will become my go-to framework for my personal projects. I used jQuery in the past and also did a lot of vanilla JavaScript (ES6). For style, I tend to use SASS/SCSS, but I really enjoy plain CSS more and more. I occasionally use CSS frameworks/libraries like Bootstrap and Bulma, for prototyping or back-office apps. Oh, and this website was built using Gatsby (a bit overkill, but a good opportunity to try it out).

The back

I consider myself mostly a JavaScript engineer for now, so I went with Node.js, but I really want to get into another language eventually, when I'll have a good use case (I started learning Golang a bit). My focus has been mainly towards serverless solutions, since it is required at my current job, but also because it seems to be the trend in the market. I built a few microservices using mostly AWS and MongoDB Atlas/Realm. For my personal projects, I've experimented with GraphQL, Express, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, Firebase, etc.

Testing it all

And how do I sleep well at night? CI/CD pipelines and automated tests of course! The first framework I used was NightwatchJS, which is built on top of Selenium. I needed a solution for cross-browser testing with Browserstack. Now that Cypress supports more browsers, it is the one I prefer for the front end. For back-end stuff, I use Jest. The CI/CD flows are set using CircleCI, but I also tried Github actions and I use the Amplify pipeline for some use cases.